sunnuntai 3. tammikuuta 2010

Same question in english..

Dear readers.

When you attach table wowen ribbons in your clothes, do we count it as sewing and as seam?
-or is it just decoration, what we don't count?

-Bit confused, and waiting for opions about this, Fru Ida

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  1. I thought any kind of decoration is not a seam, that is any emrboidery or attachment of ribbon, lace etc. Which is a bummer because I would get at least an extra 50m from my new red jacket otherwise... But if the general consensus says otherwise, I'm going to count the meters again happily! :)


  2. I don't see real difference between attaching flat ribbon or lace to a garment with seams and attaching pieces of cloth.

    I would say they count. Embroidery and tacking are still out, as they were specifically mentioned in original rules. Application should by this logic - imho - count. Attachment of besants, spangles or pearls - out.


  3. Eli yksimielisesti hyväksytty juttu... Sahra saa mitata tosin hiukan lisää. :)


  4. Samoin minä! Jihuu!


  5. hyvä Mags... jotain 50 metriäkö sulla oli sita nauhaa punaisessa takissasi :)