tiistai 16. kesäkuuta 2009

First round, information and some rules


This is the challenge of 1000 metres hand-sewing championship.
-The main idea is that she/he who first has sewn one thousand meters of ready seam stiched by hand is the winner. She/He will be award with a great prize, but what kind of prize?... that is still a secret.

- The Challenge is given by Fru Ida Juhanantytär, in the Canton of Miehonlinna in the Barony of Aarnimetsä, Drachenwald. SCA. Challenge is open for all, but might last for years. Those who wish to participate should take care that the jury of the competition has their current contact information. (name, email ect.)

- Jury is formed by Herr Knut Kotkankallio, Herr Mikael Rantsow, Herr UlfR Knutsson and Fru Ida Juhanantytär. Jury has right to ask to see all handsewings that take part in this challenge, if they want to do so.

- You can take part in this Challenge by simply taking measure of your ready-made seams which are made after 6.6.2009. Count ready seams by using centrimeters and then send information of yor results to jurys email: tuhatmetria(at)gmail.com
Pictures are also welcome!

- Jury shall update this blog with newest results time after time.

- Same clothes can have machinery-made seams and hand-made seams but only those which are made by hand count. Decorations, embroidery, etc. don't count.

These rules and information shall and will be re-edited later on.

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